Look and feel elegant in our traditional ladies pyjamas of the finest of cottons.

Dream in style with our beautiful collection of divinely comfortable women’s pyjamas made with 100% of the finest of cottons. The finish is sublime with lovely piping to embellish the tailoring. The patterns are gentle- to the touch and to the eye. We may go more wacky and vibrant next season… The leg is quite long to allow for the annoying cropping-up-the calf issue at night. But above and beyond, you will feel radiant in the morning to let the dogs out, have coffee before rushing off to work or even to feed and greet a crowd of young (babies or teenagers!) who have kept you up all night. Handmade and traditional Ladies Pyjamas, Womens Pyjamas, Womens Shorts, Womens Pyjamas Shorts, Womens PJ Shorts

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