Dream away in our gorgeous traditional pyjamas of the gentlest of cottons.

Dream away with our beautiful collection of divinely comfortable pyjamas. They are 100% of the finest of cottons and are traditionally handmade with elegant piping. The pink tartan, the silvery dots, the plain blue… the choice will be difficult… but either will be the right one to make! The leg is on the longer side as young girls and young ladies seem taller than ever- and more beautiful than ever- and have different growth spurts. It may be that, like my daughters, they opt for the masculine look and the stronger blues of the boys and men’s collection… or simply decide to wear the exquisite pj or day shorts throughout winter- with a big hoodie of some sort!

Fashion nowadays seems unpredictable- such a relief! One can wear whatever at any time of year- or day! As I find teenagers wearing what one used to wear at night long into the day nowadays. Albeit, never instead of a school uniform (although it has been known to be worn under such clothing)

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