Look dashingly smart in our sumptuously soft 100% cotton pyjama bottoms.

Dream away with our beautiful collection of divinely comfortable pyjamas. They are 100% of the finest of cottons and are traditionally handmade with elegant piping. This collection is very classical but we may go more vibrant soon! However it seems that boys and young men do like convention…. and the drawstring is conventional  (not a proper drawstring). We have simply opted for simplicity and comfort- with an elasticated waistband and no piping at the heal to allow for different growth spurts (and potentially necessary turn ups). We also feel that boys are far too busy discovering the world to do up buttons- and they are future decision-makers who will want to wear their own tops- with all sorts of “fancy” logos or even possibly the shirt they wore that day- with my experience!! As long as teeth are brushed and mud washed off- and a good day has been had, that is fine… So sadly we have not included the equivalent of the men’s dashing shirts.

Sleep well with our beautiful collection of comfortable pyjama bottoms made of the finest cotton.

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