Beautifully Traditional Pyjamas

Traditional Mens Pyjamas


Dogs-including my beagle and beaglettes- have it easy. Same suit for all occasions and same food, day in-day out, with sprinklings of foraging in the fields or parks... However, we humans cannot bring our sweat and tears (and joys!) of the day to bed- so most of us have a ritual of changing before bedtime.

Our divinely soft and exquisitely comfortable pyjamas should entice everyone to do so... In the many humorous moments of setting up Dotty's Pyjamas, I have learnt how swiftly some people are keen to confide their sleeping habits.

It seems that some have no qualms to declare "I only sleep naked" or "my other half only wears bottoms or tops". I have had to respond "... but what if someone rings the bell? or the dog escapes and you had to rush out?".... Everyone has their own habits but hopefully some will want to wear our very traditional 100%cotton pyjamas.

I also think of the young who wake up at lunchtime, sometimes... My daughter wore her men's pyjama top for lunch and looked far smarter than in her brother's oversized hoodie!

The two grandmothers who were the first to model them looked radiantly elegant too.

So hopefully all ages will become passionate about wearing Dotty"s Pyjamas!

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